LSU Football — Violence Won't Keep Us Outta Baton Rouge … Says Prized Recruit's Mom


0719-Austin-Deculus-twitterViolence and civil unrest in Baton Rouge won’t cost LSU one of its prized recruits … ’cause the kid’s mom says they’re still headed to the bayou … despite the recent bloodshed. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Cheryl Deculus … whose son Austin is the 4th ranked OT in the 2017 class, and asked her if his plans to go to LSU have changed due to the recent issues in Baton Rouge.

There are some who believe the situation in Baton Rouge is only getting worse … after the Alton Sterling killing, the violent clashes at protests and the ambush murder of 3 cops. 

Cheryl told us while she’s aware of everything going on … she can’t see anything swaying her son’s decision to wear purple & gold … or her decision to support him 100%.

“We knew when Austin started playing football at a young age that he wanted to be a Tiger … we all bleed Purple and Gold and he’s still just as excited to join the LSU family.”

As far as his safety … Cheryl says she’s relying on the staff and coaches at LSU to look out for her son … but knows that danger lurks everywhere.

“These things can happen literally anywhere. We live close to Dallas, and you see what happened there. It’s a similar situation. It’s not like he can go somewhere that doesn’t have some sort of risk. This isn’t just happening in Baton Rouge.” 

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