LSU's Les Miles — I Told My Players … No More Slap Boxing!

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LSU football coach Les Miles says he’s warned his players … NO MORE SLAP BOXING … saying the incident with Leonard Fournette could have ended badly. 

TMZ Sports broke the story … Fournette traded shots with teammate Garrett Brumfield outside Tiger Stadium on Tuesday — tagging each other pretty good during the exchange

Miles says he spoke with the team about it and warned them how dangerous physical games like slap boxing can be. 

“Back when I was a kid, we all thought it was really cool to … we didn’t call it shadow-box, we called it slap-boxing. We thought it was real cool until the first time somebody hits you in the nose and it, suddenly, became really, not so cool. I think we’re finding out it can be not so cool.”

When asked what he said to his players, Miles responded — “Let’s not be at risk athletically for injury. We give you some time off so you can get your legs back. Let’s not get involved in a highly active off-the-field game.”

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