Luke Rockhold — UFC Cheaters Prosper … They Still Cheer Anderson Silva (VIDEO)


Luke Rockhold says the UFC needs to do something drastic to end the cheating — telling TMZ Sports, “I’m just tired of talking about it over and over again and nothing happens.”

Rockhold says people have short memories when it comes to cheating in MMA — and said Anderson Silva is the perfect example. 

“Everyone is gonna beat down Jon Jones … and they’re gonna cheer Anderson Silva after coming back from testing positive.”

FYI, Silva received a 1 year suspension last year after testing positive for a PED at UFC 183. 

So, what’s the solution? 

“They need to implement the full 2 year ban at least. 4 years would really scare a person because it would take away a career.”

That being said, Rockhold says he still wants to fight Silva — telling us straight up, “I’d love to get a piece of that ass.”

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