Magic Johnson Entering 18th Day On $700,000-Per-Week Yacht!

Magic Johnson

Entering 18th Day

On $700k-Per-Week Yacht

8/18/2017 8:54 AM PDT

Exclusive Details


Magic Johnson has upgraded in a big way … going from a $500k-per-week yacht to a $700k-per-week yacht — and he’s about to complete his 3RD WEEK on the floating mansion. 

The NBA legend is currently floating around the Amalfi Coast with Sam Jackson on a boat called the Siren … which is advertised at $680k-per-week during Summer high season.

It’s 73 meters long — has a movie theater, gym, dining room, hot tub, helicopter pad, an elevator … and, of course, WiFi.

Johnson and his family boarded the yacht on August 1 after touching down in a private jet. 

Some of the family has left — but Magic and Cookie Johnson are currently traveling with their good friends, The Jacksons. 

In previous years, Magic rented out a cheaper yacht — The Amadeus — which used to run him about $527k per week. 

Seems like he’s enjoying the upgrade — Friday morning, Magic took one of his jet skis out for a ride off the coast of Positano. 

Magic just turned 58 on Monday — HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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