Mally Mall — Slays Birthday With $900 Joint (PHOTOS + VIDEO)


0705_B-Real_joint-uzi-TMZLove & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star Mally Mall got a stoner’s dream gift for his 38th birthday … a 4-foot blunt disguised as a weed sword, and he smoked it all at his Ace of Diamonds birthday bash while shooting out $50k from a laser gun.

The mega-joint was a gift from B-Real of Cypress Hill. The two are actually partners in the weed biz and their hallmark is packaging joints in creative silhouettes.

0705_MALLY-MALL-JOINT-TMZWe’re told B-Real rolled about 3 oz of weed into Mally’s present … totally legal in California where anyone with a medical license can possess up to 8 oz. As for the price … $900 since it was packed with M&M Cookies — not the candy, but the award-winning weed strain. 

As it turns out … it still wasn’t enough to go around, so they sparked another blunt, this one shaped like an uzi.

Who says grown men don’t like birthday presents?

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