Man Arrested For Not Returning 'Freddy Got Fingered' VHS Rental From 2002

Back in the day, before itunes and Redbox, there was a little place in every town called a video store. A building one would walk into, pick your movie of choice and physically hand payment to another human being in order to watch that movie for a single night. Sometimes people had late fees if the movie wasn’t brought back within 24 hours, but one man in South Carolina just got arrested for not having returned a VHS tape to his local video store for 14 years.

James Meyers had rented the Tom Green “classic” Freddy Got Fingered from a J&J Video in 2002 but apparently hadn’t returned the video since. This week he was served a reminder of that vicious crime, and a court hearing appointment, after he was pulled over due to a broken tail light. The officer checked Meyers’ license and that’s when he noticed the warrant for his arrest.

The insane part is J&J Video doesn’t even exist anymore. The more insane part is Meyers could possibly face a $200 fine for a VHS tape you can’t even find on sale for more than $1. Maybe that mean’s it’s so old it’s actually a collectible now! I don’t think so.

Tom Green himself has even caught wind of the story and thinks it’s insane. There should probably be an exception to the rule when it comes to not returning 14-year-old VHS tapes to stores that don’t even exist anymore – if the creator of the movie doesn’t give a shit…maybe the law shouldn’t either?

I just saw this and I am struggling to believe it is real.

— Tom Green (@tomgreenlive) March 24, 2016

James Meyers’ will appear in court on April 27th for sentencing.


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