Man Claims He Still Doesn’t Know Who Won The Presidential Election!

This sounds like one of those fake Facebook “news” items that they say may have influenced voters, yet a local Fox News outlet in Georgia is reporting that a man in that state claims to still have no idea who won the presidential election.



Nobody share this story with Joe Chandler of Brunswick, Georgia. That’s because on the night of the US presidential election, November 8th Chandler went to bed not knowing if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would become the 45th president of the United States. He says;

“I was invited to an election party to stay up into the night with everybody gnawing their nails, hanging on and I thought, oh there has to be a better way,” said Joe Chandler.

Not a particular fan of either candidate, when he woke up he opted out of learning the outcome this historical event for the time being.

“Having subtracted myself from this political fracas and all of the mayhem of the digital media, I kind of found the center of the cyclone, it is very peaceful in my bubble of ignorance.”

It has been two weeks since Donald Trump’s surprising victory over the former Secretary of State, yet this man is still living his life as if it is November 7th and anything could happen. For all Joe Chandler knows Gary Johnson could have come out of nowhere and absolutely CRUSHED it.

So just how is this possible? Love him or hate him, Trump’s face is going to be plastered all over every screen imaginable, every day for at least the next four years. Chandler says that he works at home and has thus far been able to stay away from TV, newspapers and social media. When he goes out in public he puts on headphones so he won’t overhear anyone talking about politics. In addition he wears a little sign that says “I don’t know who won and don’t want to. Please don’t tell me.”  -Which makes sense for now, but in a few months that could get really confusing- who won what? America’s Got Talent?

He is not a complete crazy person and knows that this will have to come to an end soon. He keeps up on some news and his daughter has even mentioned that there are protests happening around the country but she didn’t say who was protesting what.  It would be great if life was like this for everything. Maybe there is a baseball fan out there who still doesn’t know if the Cubs won the World Series.

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