Man Discovers 80-Year-Old Lunch Box In Basement With A Huge Bonus Inside

When a man decided to take matters into his own hands and renovate his basement by himself, he didn’t realize he would actually become richer once the job was over after discovering a mysterious lunch box hidden in the ceiling.  Here are a few images the lucky bastard posted online.

He said he had started by tearing the drywall off the walls, discovering random names and drawings clearly made by the children who once lived in the house that was originally built in the 40’s. Then it was time to remove the ceiling, which is when he noticed a small green object purposefully hidden away long ago.

Hey, an old vintage lunch box. That’s pretty cool, right? However this lunch box was hastily tied together by a shoe string, which means it’s clearly haunted as all shit with the previous owner having no time to find a heavy-ass chain.

Clearly okay with being just another cliche in a horror movie, the homeowner decided to untie the lunch box, wipe the decades old dirt away and take a look inside. He’s either about to release a bunch of snakes or fucking spirits not unlike the climax in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Luckily there were no ghosts or snakes, just some old, crusty newspaper from 1951. Haunted newspaper maybe??


Ohhhhh, but there’s more! Little did the new owner of this lunch box and newspaper realize, he was about to get a real nice surprise after removing the top layer. Below, there were other treasures wrapped in what looked like wax paper. You could barely see through the wrapping but the size was about right for what you pretty much hope to find in a scenario like this.

Imgur user Branik12‘s mind was about to explode. He not only found one wrapped package of money but THREE wrapped packages filled with cold hard cash.

One was literally filled with $20’s. Another was filled with $50’s. And the third was filled with $100 bills. Fuhhhhhhhhh.

Here’s what the lucky bastard had to say about his find: “Some of the bills were rarer than others. Some brown notes, a gold certificate and some star notes nearly uncirculated. All bills were from 1928-1934. What do we do now? Is it ours? What is it worth? I can’t put this on imgur! Next was hours of inventory and googling. I decided that we needed to have the special bills appraised and talk to a lawyer about how to proceed. Once the legal stuff was taken care of I decided to continue with the plan to post to imgur. This was a wild ride for us and I hope you all enjoyed it too. We are boring people and have been dumping our extra money to pay off our mortgage and that is where this money will go too.”

Screw that, take a vacation, man! Hell, if some of these bills are rare, they actually might be worth MORE money than originally intended! At least do a little homework before “dumping” this surprise into a mortgage.

Just think, if he hired someone else to renovate his basement, you think they would’ve mentioned to him what they found??

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