Man Exposes Affair On Facebook After Overhearing The Details At A Gas Station

Superheroes are real, people. No, they can’t fly or dodge bullets but there are people that can help one another when you least expect it. Especially if they think you’re being wronged in any way. And especially if that wrong is coming from your damn wife.

One man who was minding his own business at a gas station overheard a woman tell another man a few details that, for her sake, should have been discussed behind doors. The woman mentioned how she told her husband she’d be in a meeting all day, clearly lying and clearly in the middle of an affair.

The woman even had mentioned her husband’s name in this conversation. So the stranger decided to do the only thing they could in this current age of technological wonder: Put it on Facebook.

The man who overheard the conversation at a nearby Shell station, and posted it to Facebook under his account, is Steve Wilcock. And he’s the fucking Dark Knight of catching Cheaters. They didn’t even see him coming.

Here’s what Stevie had to say as to why he felt the urge to bring justice to the Facebook world: “I posted it to give [her husband] the heads up about his partner. She was being so blatant. Telling her bit on the side that she has lied to him about where she was. There was talk of a hotel as well. It was plain as day. It was slightly surreal hearing them talk so open, but they clearly didn’t realize this would happen.”

Of course the flip side argument to this is that Stevie needs to just mind his own damn business. A lot of users who saw his shared post commented saying that maybe the woman in question needed a little TLC because her husband’s a nightmare to be with. Sure, there’s any number of scenarios to this situation but it seems like Stevie was keeping the husband’s best interests in mind, especially if the woman is discussing a hotel with the mystery man and wasn’t at all distraught. TLC or not, cheating is cheating some would think.

Unfortunately this story will have to be filed under To Be Continued because we’re not sure if his post reached the parties involved but considering how it has gone completely viral, it probably won’t take long at all. After all, everyone is reading it to make sure it’s not their wife hanging out at a gas station with another man on their way to a hotel.


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