Man Poses With Plane Hijacker Because No One Is Sane Anymore

Imagine being on an already long flight from England to Cairo but instead of reaching your destination, someone wearing a bomb vest demands that the plaen be re-directed to Cyprus, an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, near Syria and Turkey. You’d probably be terrified, or just plain annoyed at that moment I bet. Enter 26-year-old student Ben Innes who not only was on the flight, but also so “stoked” at the prospect of taking his photo with a real hijacker.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially this one.

The hijacker, Seifedeen Mustafa wanted to fly to Cyprus so he could hand over documents to his ex-wife. What those documents were and why this HAD to happen, authorities aren’t quite sure yet. The below photo showed the moment after the plane had finally landed, with Mustafa’s hand emerging from the plane’s door to hand the documents to a fearful flight attendant. Y’know, the type of reaction one would have when standing near a man wearing a bomb.

Mustafa handing papers to an attendant experiencing more than normal emotions.

After a 6 hour standoff with police, Mustafa started releasing passengers off of the EgyptAir flight with Ben Innes being one of the last few to remain on board. This is apparently when he decided to take a picture with his new hijacking buddy. Innes, of course wanting to take the moment one step further decided to then text the photo to his friends and even posted the image onto his WhatsApp account for all to question.

Luckily for the passengers, it turned out Mustafa’s bomb vest was actually fake but it’s uncertain that Innes could tell this fact while eagerly getting his photo taken with the criminal. Either way, it makes you question who was more insane in this moment – a hijacker or the guy super pumped to get a photo with him. Personally, I already get annoyed when I have to sit on the tarmac for longer then 20 mins so it’s questionable that this young guy would be anything but pissed off.

Ben Innes, excitedly waiting for internet fame.

Regardless of now knowing the bomb vest was fake and Ben Innes survived, would YOU be super pumped about getting your picture taken with a terrorist who hijacked your plane while wearing a bomb vest? Or is our society becoming so grim that having a photo to share on social media is worth more than possibly saving your own life. If Die Hard has taught me anything, it’s to not be friendly with terrorists.


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