Man Tattooed 39 Ex-Girlfriends With His Name, Puts Name On His New Lady's Face

Some guys need positive proof that their girlfriends love them. A simple few words won’t do the trick, so they need an act of commitment before they’ll truly know that they are theirs forever. Tattoo artist Ryan Wibberley figured out the perfect way to not only make sure the women he dated really loved him, like REALLY loved him, but also a way to sharpen his tattooing skills while he was at it by convincing these women to have his name tattooed on their bodies.

Unfortunately for his current girlfriend, he wanted to up the ante by having her get his name tattooed on her damn face.

Laugh Now and for years to come! Apparently getting Ryan tattooed on her boob just wasn’t enough for this guy.

23-year-old Wibberley, who also goes by Wibbo to his friends, asked 20-year-old Kourtney Leigh to have “Wibbo” tattooed above her left eye brow and “Ryan” tattooed above her right eyebrow. Nothing like having people ask you what the hell “Wibbo” means every time you buy milk at the store. But then again, Kourtney’s 20-years-old, so she’s pretty educated in the ways of the world at this point, right?

Ryan is of course a true Casanova and proved to Kourtney that he too is madly in love with her, but instead of a face tattoo, he got her name tattooed on his mistress; his hand. Ryan spoke to others about tattooing his lady with high praise, saying she’s “been branded like Heinz beans”, which we assume really means a lot where he comes from.

Ryan says he hopes the tattoo on Kourtney’s face will put other men off, adding “‘I just get p*ssed up and I get my tattoo gun out. It’s a laugh.” You two have redefined the definition of love. It’s like The Notebook, only with way more Mountain Dew.

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