Man Wakes Up In The Weirdest Place After Partying Hard To Celebrate New Job

Finally landing a new job can be such a great feeling, it’s almost tradition to go out with your friends (or hell, even by yourself) and celebrate. The nerve-racking interviewing process, which can turn into multiple interviews, can destroy your confidence but after it’s all over and you finally get the gig, a drink or two is exactly what you need.

However for one man who recently landed a new job, he took his celebration to the next level by waking up on top of a glass ceiling at a damn mall. NICE!

No, that’s not an early Halloween decoration or Spiderman taking a nap, that’s 27-year-old Isaac Moore who got so wasted, he somehow found himself on top of the curved glass ceiling at the shopping center The Grand Arcade in Cambridge. Unfortunately for this drunk guy, he didn’t wake up with a one night stand next to him, he woke up being nudged by a couple of firefighters who wanted to get him down before he fell through the damn thing ceiling.

The ceiling is 75 feet above people walking along the mall’s path, which found everyone stopping to look up to see Moore getting rescued, especially before his celebration took him to the hospital.

So what exactly did Moore drink that found him crawling up the mall and sleeping on its roof? A mere six pints of beer. Although depending on the alcohol %, five pints could easily do anyone in. I’d hate to see how he does at the company’s Christmas party.

Unfortunately Moore doesn’t at all recall how he ended up on the roof, which in and of itself would’ve made for a great tale, but detectives think he climbed up the next door bank’s fire escape before jumping over to the mall and making his way to the glass ceiling for his drunken slumber. It certainly doesn’t look exactly like the easiest climb but we applaud him all the same for achieving his goal without harm. Moore pleaded guilty in a court this morning to being a public nuisance.

Public nuisance or not, you are our hero, sir.



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