Man Wins The Right To Wear Pagan Horns In Driver's License Photo

When you’ve earned the title Pagan Priest, you might think that you’re above your normal duties as a citizen of the United States like paying taxes or even silly things like not walking around naked in public. Unfortunately for Pagan Priest Phelan Moonsong, he had to jump through plenty of hoops in order to wear his goat horns in his driver’s license photo. Those Pagan Priests get no respect these days, no respect at all.

The DMV office in Maine said they were unclear about the Pagan fashion sense and had to double check whether it would be okay if Moonsong wore the horns in his photo like he requested. Moonsong took the photo and everything seemed just dandy but then his license was rejected. He was told to appeal the rejection with the Secretary of State’s office, which he did. Then the Bureau of Motor Vehicles told him his driver’s license was rejected again. He asked the American Civil Liberties Union to help him out but they said they were unable to take his case. Apparently Pagan horns aren’t too high on their to-do list! Pshhh.

Finally, Moonsong was able to get his license approved because, as he stated, “The horns are no different than a nun’s habit” and that by denying him his right to wear his horns in his license photo, the DMV is also denying him the right to celebrate his religious beliefs. Also, more importantly, the horns weren’t obstructing his face so they were like whatever, just give him his damn license.

Phelan says he never takes his horns off unless he’s sleeping or taking a bath, so he’s just really thankful he is now able to have a driver’s license depicting him and his horns.

Wait, why does a Pagan Priest need to wear goat horns anyway?? Phelan says they “serve as his spiritual antennae and help him educate others about Paganism.” Didn’t really seem to work with the DMV too well.

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