Man With Only Two Weeks Left To Poop Goes On Memorable Pooping Tour

Due to an unfortunate medical condition, Pauly Silver will soon lose the ability to poop. With his pooping days numbered, the 32-year-old from London is touring the city’s most epic toilets in order to make his final poops unforgettable.

“I’ve got Crohn’s disease,” Pauly explained. “I’m having a permanent colostomy […] and I’ll be a Ken doll from behind.”

Toilets on his to-poop list are located at Buckingham Palace, various historical theaters and in the Queen’s personal bathroom at Royal Albert Hall.

Although he’s putting on a brave face, Pauly admits that he will miss his pooper.

“Yeah, I really do have a love affair with the toilet,” he admitted. “It’s one of those places where I go, not only for my Crohn’s but for my anxiety – it’s where I go to escape.”

Pauly’s London pooping tour isn’t all fun and games. He’s actively raising money for a Crohn’s foundation. If you want to follow his toilet adventures, he’s updating everyone at his blog.



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