Mandalay Bay CEO Asks Guests to Comfort Hotel Staff

Mandalay Bay

CEO Asks Guests to Comfort Staff

10/26/2017 12:50 AM PDT


The tragic Vegas shooting has traumatized everyone, including the folks who work at Mandalay Bay, and the guy who runs it is asking guests to give some emotional support to his staff.

President and COO Chuck Bowling penned a letter that every guest will find on their pillow, which reads in part, “If you see an employee at one of our resorts, ask how they are doing, offer words of encouragement.”

The note also says there will be a new wrap on the building — the same side where the Vegas shooter unleashed his fury — with the words, #VegasStrong.  

Bowling says in his letter, “Las Vegas has always been a place for you to come for business, for a getaway, for a break, a reunion, a party, a laugh, a good time. While that is harder for us all right now, please know our incredible team of employees is here for anything you need.”


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