Mariah Carey’s Ex-Fiance Seems Stable

Mariah Carey


Yesterday it was reported that Mariah Carey got dumped by her billionaire fiance, James Packer, because she liked to spend all of his money. I assume she has her own. So what else could have happened? Oh, yeah. A billionaire becomes an unhinged lunatic when his trophy wanders off the property.

James Packer went crazy on a guy he suspected was making moves on Mariah Carey … sources connected with Mariah tell TMZ.  Our Mariah sources say Packer grew jealous of her relationship with Bryan Tanaka her dancer and choreographer — and the tension boiled over in June at Mariah’s show. We’re told Bryan wasn’t dancing that night due to an injury, so Packer thought it was weird he bothered to show up. Packer pulled Bryan into a room for a little mano a mano. Our sources say there was a ton of yelling, but it’s unclear if it got physical. We’re told Packer was so crazed he used his casino ties — he owns several in Australia and Asia — to get Tanaka banned from Caesar’s Palace, where MC performs.

Then there’s this thing.

James Packer “is not in his right mind” … so claim people who Mariah Carey has downloaded with info about her bitter breakup. Our Mariah sources tell us, “she had to leave him” and he hasn’t been “present for her” in a couple of months. They call James “mentally unstable.” Even more serious … the sources say the last straw for the relationship was that he got “violent” a month ago on a yacht in Greece.

Man, so a sociopath and petty. It’s like James Packer is giving billionaires a bad name. Trump seems to be doing his part for millionaires.


Not pictured: James Packer.



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