Mark Hamill's Secret Wish for Luke After the Events of Last Jedi

Mark Hamill refuses to believe that Luke Skywalker is gone and has a pretty interesting idea of where he may have teleported to following The Last Jedi. Many Star Wars fans were unhappy with the way that Rian Johnson chose to take down the beloved character, but new information has come to light that The Last Jedi novelization goes a little deeper into understanding why Luke is the way he is in the movie. While many of those fans still have their gripes, Johnson took the character to a place that nobody saw coming and Mark Hamill is doubling down on that expectation in predicting where Luke Skywalker resides now.

In a new interview, Mark Hamill was asked about Luke Skywalker and the end of The Last Jedi. Luke was last seen on Ahch-To after an intense teleportation that took all of the hero’s energy, leaving him to disappear and leave only his robe behind, much like when Obi-Wan was killed by Darth Vader in A New Hope. But where did Luke go? Hamill has a pretty interesting theory, which he explains below.

“I refuse to believe that he’s gone. My theory is he just teleported to somewhere else and left his robe behind. He teleported to a nudist colony, that’s what I’m hoping.”

Luke Skywalker on some kind of intergalactic nudist space colony is a pretty funny thought, but that’s just Mark Hamill’s sarcastic sense of humor. One would have to imagine that he’s pretty sick of talking about Luke Skywalker and why he was the way he was in The Last Jedi or what happened to him in the end. Hopefully we get some more concrete information about Luke when J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars 9 comes out.

Harrison Ford was recently asked what he thought about passing the torch to the younger Star Wars generation of actors and he admitted that he didn’t “give a rat’s ass.” Ford admits that he was in The Force Awakens for one reason only, and that was to die. However, Mark Hamill has been a lot more forgiving of all of the hoopla surrounding his biggest role of Luke Skywalker. It doesn’t seem that Hamill was ready to give up on the character just yet, which leads to hope that he’ll at the very least show up as a Force Ghost in the last movie of the new trilogy.

It’s unlikely that Luke Skywalker left his robe behind to visit a nudist colony, but you never know. Some Star Wars fan fiction may have just been sparked by Mark Hamill’s suggestion. All kidding aside, it’s great to see that Hamill still has a sense of humor about all of this stuff and continues to answer fan questions on social media. Hamill’s next role will be as a presenter at the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday and then later next week when he receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with appearances from Harrison Ford and George Lucas. You can read more of the interview with Mark Hamill and Luke’s naked adventures over at BBC News.

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