Marvel Launches Official Avengers 4 Countdown Clock

The countdown for Avengers 4 has officially begun. Marvel Studios updated their site to include a countdown for the highly anticipated movie, one day after doing the same with Spider-Man: Far from Home. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been waiting for any type of real news in regard to the still-untiled sequel since the release of Infinity War earlier this year. After months of relative silence on the subject, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed that the trailer will drop before the end of the year.

As of this writing, the Avengers 4 countdown is at 176 days. While the countdown to the movie is exciting, a lot of MCU fans are probably wishing that it was a countdown to the title and trailer reveal. With that being said, it’s been heavily rumored that the trailer will debut at the end of this month, just like Infinity War, and that it might be connected to a football game or the usual Good Morning America premiere. It’s likely that the Avengers 4 trailer will drop either at the end of this month, or possibly early December.

The Russo Brothers wrapped the Avengers 4 reshoots last month and have had some time to put together a trailer. We’ve seen supposed “leaked” descriptions of said trailer, but they are all more than likely works of fiction, written by hardcore MCU fans to get a rise out of others. As for what will be in it, that is obviously unknown at this time since Marvel Studios keeps everything under wraps. However, fans will be watching every little frame to catch any clues that they can to figure out the mystery.

In addition to Avengers 4 trailer description leaks, MCU fans have been theorizing how the movie will be laid out. A lot of the theories vary from one to the next, but nearly all of them seem to be in agreement that it will contain some form of time travel through the Quantum Realm. Set pictures have shown Scott Lang on the set of the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie, which has led to discussion as to how that’s even possible. Kevin Feige has stated that the Quantum Realm will play a major role in Phase 4 of the MCU as well.

Even at 176 days, the countdown for Avengers 4 isn’t that far away. It is a bit curious that they have not released a countdown for Captain Marvel, especially since that movie comes out first. But, Marvell Studios could be working backwards, which means that the Carol Danvers standalone countdown will arrive this week. Now it’s time to go back and start trying to figure out when the mythical Avengers 4 trailer is going to be released. You can head over to the official Avengers 4 page at the Marvel site to check out the countdown.

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