Mass Shooting at Mandalay Bay Casino in Vegas, Multiple Shooters Suspected

Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Casino

Cops Respond to Mass Shooting

Multiple Shooters Suspected

10/1/2017 11:30 PM PDT

11:47 PM PT — At least 2 people are dead and at least 24 others are injured so far, according to reports. Police in Las Vegas are responding to a mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay Casino, where multiple people are reportedly injured … and multiple shooters are suspected.

Videos from social media started pouring in late Sunday night showing multiple rounds being fired from what sounds like a rooftop or from somewhere up high. People are taking cover and running for their lives. 

Shooting at Route 91

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The shots started raining down on concert goers who were watching a set from Jason Adlean during the final night of the Route 91 country music festival. He, and onlookers, froze when the first rounds started being fired … and chaos and panic ensued. The shots are clearly coming from automatic or semi-automatic weapons.

Unclear how many people might be dead … but multiple are reportedly injured.

Story developing … 

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