Master Troll Martin Shkreli Offers Kanye West $10 Million For New Album

Martin Shkreli, the AIDS medication price jacking, Congress dissing, unique rap album loving maniac is back today with a new offer.  

If you had to eat dinner with these two or cut off your foot, which would you choose?

This time “Pharma Bro” has offered 10 million dollars to Kanye West to purchase his upcoming album “The Life of Pablo” so he can keep it all to himself and prevent it from being made public.

He followed up with this;

According to Wikipedia, Kanye’s last album “Yeezus” has sold 750,000 copies to date.

With album downloads and CDs costing around $10 each, this means Kayne’s last album earned around $7.5 million – before distribution and marketing costs. So Pharma Bro’s offer might actually be a good deal!

I think Kanye should take the offer. With Shkreli facing federal charges for a Madoff style Ponzi scheme and numerous lawsuits coming his way, it is highly likely that his assets will soon be frozen. Kanye should take the money while Pharma Bro still has some. Then, once he is carted off to prison Yeezy can release the disc to the public. What’s he going to do? Martin has to let him finish.

Break Question Of The Day: Should Kanye take Martin’s offer of $10 Million?

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