Matt Barnes — Photos Of Nightclub Wounds … I'm the Real Victim (PHOTO GALLERY)

12/8/2016 7:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


1208_matt_barnes_injuries_launchTMZ Sports has obtained photos of the injuries Matt Barnes claims he sustained in the NYC nightclub brawl early Monday morning … injuries he claims prove he was NOT the aggressor. 

The photos were literally taken minutes after Barnes left Avenue Nightclub around 3:30 AM — and show scratches and minor cuts to the front and back of his neck. 

Barnes also took pics of his fists — which don’t appear to show any injuries. The idea is that if Barnes was swinging and connecting, he’d have swelling or bruising around his knuckles. He does not. 

Barnes and his Sacramento Kings teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, are being sued by the other two people involved in the fight — a man and a woman who claim the NBA stars went off in an unprovoked violent rage. 

Barnes and Cousins claim the allegations are BS — insisting they were attacked first and did what they had to do to protect themselves. 

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