Matthew Perry Said He Beat Up Justin Trudeau In The 5th Grade

Matthew Perry


Matthew Perry was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, and told a story about beating up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the 5th grade. Now for some Rachel Maddow type context but a lot shorter.

Perry and Trudeau both attended Rockcliffe Park elementary, a public school located in one of Ottawa’s wealthiest neighbourhoods and frequented by the children of ambassadors and politicians.

Justin Trudeau loves oil pipelines, selling weapons to the Middle East, and jerking off the corporations in Canada, but he’s totally dreamy and doesn’t say mean things about immigrants, so that means he’s the best. He also marches in Pride parades, don’t forget that. Check that social media-friendly box, Justin. He’s also a self-proclaimed feminist. So am I! But I don’t wear a pink shirt that says “FEMINIST” on it while I’m with my wife, because I’m not a low key fuck boy. I like to keep it out in the open. But yeah, Justin Trudeau got beat up by Chandler Bing when they both attended a school for rich white kids. I hope this message finds you well.


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