Meet Monkey King, The Giant Real Fighting Robot That Will Kill Us All

If you like giant metal gladiator robots in real life and not just in the film The Iron Giant, then have we got the story for you. The Chinese company Greatmetal recently announced that they’ve built a bone-crushing metal monstrosity set to take the giant robot battling world by storm. It’s name is Monkey King and here is its amazing promotional video.


Now for those of you that aren’t up to date on your giant robot battle community, here’s the Cliffs Notes version. First, there is a giant robot battle community and it is awesome. Second, it all started in 2015 when an American company called MegaBots built a combat robot called Mark III to battle a combat robot named Kuratas built by Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries.

Mark III and Kuratas

Kuratas and Mark III are scheduled to face-off in August of this year but with Monkey King waiting in the wings, the winner shouldn’t celebrate for too long.

A New Challenger Enters The Arena

Though robot battles have existed for decades, they are usually remote controlled and about the size of your standard drone. Present day gladiator robots are large. Mark III is 16-feet-tall and weighs 12-tons, Kuratas is 13-feet-tall and weighs 4-tons and Monkey King is 15-feet-tall and weighs 4-tons. They also are pilot operated, meaning soft, squishy human beings will climb inside these monstrous machines and control them from the inside.  A big reason the first robot battle has been in the works for two years is that they’re working really hard to make sure the pilots don’t die. Personally, I would gladly sacrifice myself in the name of robot combat but I understand that that isn’t the desired end of everyone.

No matter who wins this epic robot battle, I guarantee this is the start of a great new sport and maybe the downfall of humanity if these robots fall into the wrong hands. Regardless, it’ll be a fun next few years.

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