Meet The Worst Customer Service Employee Ever After Man Received This Email

Booking a vacation can be a real nightmare. Especially if you’re trying to organize it for yourself and another person, let alone a damn family. Which is why making all of the arrangements through a third party site seems like the way to go but hold on, maybe not so much after you read what happened to this man once he found out the money he sent in through the site Low Cost Holidays apparently didn’t actually pay for anything.

29-year-old James Quinn had followed up with the hotel to make sure his room was booked for his family’s trip when the hotel had no idea what James was talking about. James then sent the Low Cost Holidays company an email asking what the hell was going on.

Sure, you’d be upset too! However James wasn’t prepared for the reply he then received, which simply read “Bless you”. Oooookay but then James got another email, one that hopefully cleared up this confusion, right? Not so much. After you read their second email it’s clear the customer service rep. gives NO fucks.

Man that’s like getting an email from the Joker, starting out with “hehehe”. Clearly the customer rep really cut to the chase by explaining that “the company is full of shit” which apparently was actually kind of true. What happened was that the company James booked his trip through, Low Cost Holidays, went under which found a ton of people that had booked trips through their service without just that. Service. The company practically disappeared, keeping all of the money and booked nothing for James, his wife and their little girl.

We’re imagining the company’s employees all cleared out except for that one employee who went crazy long ago. Still sitting at their desk answering emails through the free wifi from the Starbucks next door.

James’ wife Ashlie said “I was shocked – really, really shocked. I was so angry I could barely put it into words. It was the worst feeling in the world feeling like they were laughing at people that they took money off of. There is clearly no remorse whatsoever. I was really really angry as they were laughing and I had a three-year-old who was looking forward to going on holiday.”

Unfortunately this story doesn’t end with “James eventually got his money back” because, well as you can see from that email it’s not gonna be that easy. The one good thing that came from the response was the customer service rep urging James to actually sue the company which wasn’t a joke if he wanted to get that money back.

Note to self, be wary of those third party vacation sites. Or just stay at home, spend your cash on booze, a kiddie pool and vacation in your front yard.

What would you do if you got an email back like that?

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