Mel B Begged Friends Not to Call Cops on Belafonte, 'He'll Kill Me'

Mel B

Begged Friends Not to Call Cops on Belafonte

‘He’ll Kill Me’

4/4/2017 3:00 PM PDT


Mel B convinced close friends and family members not to tell police she was being beaten by Stephen Belafonte because she was afraid he would think she was behind it and kill her.

Multiple sources close to Mel B tell us … a close circle of friends and family didn’t believe her when she explained away various injuries, and when they confronted her, she had trouble hiding what she now says is the truth … that she was being viciously attacked by Belafonte.

We’re told some of the people who confronted her said they were going to call the cops and report him, but she became emotional and begged them to stand down, and not just because she was in fear for her life. She believed anyone who blew the whistle on Belafonte would become his target as well.

As we reported, people who were on various TV shows with Mel B were aware of a slew of injuries she suffered and they also saw Belafonte on the set and witnessed what some called his abusive and threatening behavior. Yet, as far as we can tell — and this is consistent with her declaration — no one from any show ever called the cops to report alleged domestic violence.

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