Mel B Says Nanny Lorraine Gilles Who Stephen Belafonte Got Pregnant has Her Sex Tapes

Mel B

Nanny My Husband Got Pregnant Has My Sex Tapes

4/7/2017 1:24 PM PDT


We just got additional documents in the latest Mel B saga, and she claims the nanny Stephen Belafonte got pregnant is still working with him by holding sex tapes over the singer’s head for extortion.

TMZ broke the story, Mel B’s lawyers Larry Bakman and Susan Wiesner were in court Friday claiming Stephen has been threatening to release the tapes as a means of maintaining control over her … repeatedly threatening to destroy her reputation and smear her name by making the tapes public.

According to the new docs, Belafonte “would regularly hold up his phone to me and point to a video file and say, ‘It’s just one click away,’ meaning that with one click he could send out a video and my career would be over.”

Mel B says she’s lived in fear for a decade and it was flat-out extortion.

Now the twist … Mel B says, “He [Stephen] has admitted to me that our former nanny, Lorraine Gilles, maintains possession and control over the media such that I could never have anyone locate the tapes so as to obtain and destroy the same.”   

As we reported, Mel B believes some of the tapes, along with 12-15 boxes of her Spice Girls memorabilia as well as photos of her dad, are in a storage locker with the user name, “Lorraine Gilles.” But according to the docs, she is deeply involved … Mel B says the locker is “controlled” by Gilles. She says, “I believe that Lorraine Gilles and [Belafonte] are acting in concert to deprive me of my personal belongings by either destroying or disseminating said belongings.”

Mel B says she and her people have repeatedly asked Gilles for the keys and location of the storage facility, but Gilles — who has since married — has blown her off.

As we reported, the judge on Friday specifically ordered Stephen not to disseminate sexually explicit photos or images of Mel B. He did not rule yet on her request to make Belafonte tell or facilitate the removal of her belongings at the storage facility.

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