Mel Gibson — I'm Paying Oksana More, to Get Outta Dodge


0819-mel-gibson-Oksana-TMZ-02Mel Gibson just agreed to pay baby mama Oksana Grigorieva 50% more than she was getting last month, but the trade-off is that she has to skedaddle from his home.

We’ve learned Mel and Oksana have been squabbling over child support for 6-year-old Lucia. Oksana was pulling in $20k a month but wanted a small increase — to $100k a month!

We’re told they went back and forth and struck a deal. Mel is now paying Oksana a skosh under $30k a month. But in return Oksana agreed to vacate Mel’s $2.4 million rental home in Sherman Oaks. We’re told she’s rented a pad in Malibu.

It’s pretty amazing. TMZ broke the story, Mel was willing to pay Oksana $15 MILLION to settle their child support and alleged domestic violence cases — provided she keeps those incendiary, racist tapes secret. After signing the agreement, Oksana disavowed it and went for more.

She ended up with a $250,00 settlement.

And file this under glass half full … Oksana had 50 lawyers in her epic battle with Mel, so her latest — Brian Kramer — settled and got her a 50% increase, which is better than the scores of lawyers did before him.

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