Melania Trump's Nude Photo Shoot Proves She'll Be The Hottest First Lady Ever

Melania Trump is back in the headlines today, but not for something dumb like plagiarizing an old dusty speech. These headlines are more for some very interesting pictures of the potential First Lady that recently surfaced, and it’s nothing that will make you angry. In fact, you’ll be glad someone finally brought these to the table because they depict a nude Melania Trump in heels, one photo of which shows MT lying nude with another sexy woman in bed spooning each other. And they’re not combing each other’s hair if you get our drift.

Melania holding her ballot box, ladies and gentlemen.

No one show Mike Pence that first picture, seeing as he’s against gay activities but even Pence might give that photo a pass. I mean…holy shiz that’s hot.

We can thank the New York Post for bringing these pictures to light in the US after they were published by France’s MAX MAGAZINE way back in 1996 before the internet could literally share such an image. Well here we are 20 years later and HELLO, MELANIA!

Of course Melania Trump was never some grandma who spends her days knitting sweaters. She has sexily posed for other magazines before, including the British wing of GQ magazine in 2000, so really these nude pics shouldn’t be all that surprising. However, considering she could literally be our next First Lady, the fact that these pictures exist is pretty amazing, which could make her the hottest First Lady EVER. 

God bless America!


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