Mexican Newspaper Only Needed One Word To Report That Trump Won The Election

Well, that’s certainly one extreme way to put it. But per the publication’s mood, they purposefully left off the words “-ing awesome!”

The Mexican website/magazine El Grafico had one word to let their readers know that Trump did indeed win the 2016 Presidential Election by just saying the word “FUUUCK!” on its front page with an image of Trump screaming. And that was WITH an exclamation point.

Not too surprising of a reaction by the Mexican publication considering Trump said that Mexican immigrants entering the US were “rapists” and “criminals” in 2015. Not to mention the now bronzed quote we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives that Trump would force Mexico to build a big, beautiful wall to keep illegal aliens from running into our country. Long story short, most Mexicans (whether you’re a US citizen or not, or a criminal or not) had an inkling that life could get, well, interesting for them if Trump were to win. But hey, maybe Trump was just giving some tough love. Who the hell knows.

But, regardless, here we are and El Grafico went into detail why Hillary’s failure to trump Trump spells out bad news for Mexicans. Much like Coed‘s reporting on the headline, I can’t read Spanish for shit (no thanks to two years trying to learn in high school) but considering the headline, we’re sure it wasn’t a positive write up.

But, whether you voted for Trump or not, he’s got a pretty big laundry list on how he plans to make America great again. Let’s just grab a big tub of popcorn, sit back and see how this turns out.

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