Microbiology Students Experiment Shows The Incredible Power Of Breast Milk

Microbiology Student’s Experiment Shows The Incredible Power Of Breast Milk

February 10, 2017

In a photo of a science experiment that’s being shared by thousands, first year microbiology student Vicky Greene shows us exactly how a mother’s breast milk works to protect your baby and fight bacteria.

the incredible powers of breast milk experiment
Vicky Greene / Facebook

“Here you have 9 Petri dishes containing the bacteria M. Luteus. The white spots in the middle are discs soaked in two samples of breastmilk. See the clear bit around the discs- that’s where the proteins in the milk have inhibited the bacteria!”

Greene used breast milk from two different mothers. The samples labeled BmA are from a mom who’s nursing a 15-month-old. The BmB samples are from a mom who’s nursing a three-year-old.

Greene says the experiment “also worked with E. coli and had a fairly good go at MRSA too.”

The photo was posted on Facebook earlier this week and quickly went viral. And with good reason: The experiment serves as a testament to the unbelievable things mothers’ bodies can do to protect their babies.

Greene added: “The future is bright, the future is breast milk.”

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