Millionaire Catches Wife Beating Herself Up On Camera After She Claims He Did It

After the shitstorm that was Amber Heard accusing Johnny Depp of physically abusing her (and the tape that kinda sorta but not really showed a glimpse of the abuse that MIGHT have taken place), here’s another story about a millionaire in a situation much like Depp’s. Only THIS millionaire had a camera on and caught the whole “abuse” on tape. His wife abusing her own damn self that is.

She’s a real keeper.

It’s a story about true love. Scott Mitchell’s wife, Mary Hunt, took $2.1 million in jewelry from the safe that was in their home (99 three-diamond necklaces, 147 gold rings and 172 loose diamonds). Mitchell wanted to get that jewelry back so Hunt decided to play the abuse card. Unfortunately for Mary, her Fight Club-esque abuse tactics were caught on tape for all to enjoy.

The two were to be married this month but Mitchell had an interesting conversation with his ex-fiance’s dad one evening that led to the couple’s breakup. He said that her father was drunk during their phone conversation stating that a weird package had shown up to his house which was filled with jewelry. Mitchell then checked the safe and realized his lady had stolen his property which led to him cancelling the wedding. And that’s when Hunt decided to beat herself up to even the playing field.

According to the investigation, the areas in which she is hitting her face are the same areas in the photos taken by investigators. Wait a second–bruises on a women’s face could’ve been caused by the woman?! What a concept!

Of course, again, one can’t help but think of the Johnny Depp situation and how everyone almost immediately took Amber Heard’s side to whatever the hell was going on. This just goes to show you that it’s best to not side with anyone until all evidence is accounted for.

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