Milo Yiannopoulos Has Bad News for Haters, He's Staying in the U.S.A.


0223_milo-yiannopoulos_gettyWhen Milo Yiannopoulos quit Breitbart News the clock started ticking on his employment visa, but sadly, for his millions of haters … he’s already figured out a way to stay in America.

Milo is here under an O-1 visa for “aliens of extraordinary ability” — his being journalism, we’re guessing — but without a U.S. employer to sponsor him, he’d be deported in 60 days. Sources in Milo’s camp tell us he’s not sweating deportation, because he’s lined up a new sponsor.

We’re told the people behind a secret new media venture Milo will be working with have agreed in principle to file the necessary paperwork. It’s not a done deal yet, but as usual … Milo’s cocky confident he’ll close the deal.

On the heels of taking multiple L’s — resigning from his senior editor gig at Breitbart, losing a book deal and a national speaking role — Milo’s trying to bounce back by releasing his book through a new publisher.

Long story short — we’re most likely stuck with him, America.

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