MMA Fighter Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos Got A Sick Skull Fracture

I seriously might gag from this post fight photo. On Saturday there was an intense MMA fight between Michael Page and Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos in London. Hopefully “Cyborg” lives up to his nickname because when the fight was done he his face looked like the T-1000 after Arnold put a few holes in it.

The fight abruptly ended when Page delivered an hard flying knee directly to Santos forehead with the audible sound of the man’s SKULL being crushed.  The fighter dropped to the ground in agony as his opponent realized victory was his. As Santos lay on the mat in pain, Page even took the time to get in some Pokémon Go, throwing a Poke Ball at the injured fighter.

However Santos’ team quickly realized that “that’s going to leave a mark.” When they saw the result of the knee to the head, somehow they held back from blowing chunks all over the ring (as I would have done).  His cutman who had previously worked as an EMT said that he had only seen an injury like this in a severe car crash. How bad could it be?

“How many fingers am I holding up?” –  Cyborg: “That’s silly, dragons don’t have fingers.”

In an Instagram post with an terrifying x-ray of his skull, the fighter’s ex-wife Cristiane Justino gave an update from the hospital:

This makes me glad I have a desk job. Take a few aspirin and feel better, Cyborg!

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