Moby Gets Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan

12/29/2016 12:40 AM PST


1227-moby-tmz-01Moby‘s had it with an obsessed fan whose behavior went from bizarre to threatening.

Moby filed legal docs claiming a woman named Kelly Lord went ham last week by threatening to “f****** destroy” a car belonging to one of Moby’s houseguests.

Lord confronted the houseguest and berated him … claiming she found a condom in the bushes and demanded to know if he was throwing them in Moby’s yard.

Moby says Lord asked the houseguest which car belonged to him because she was going to destroy it. Moby says a short time later his assistants found her hiding in the bushes … they confronted her and she told them she was killing spiders. She’s also taken mail from his mailbox which is a federal offense.

As we reported … Lord was arrested for petty theft a few days earlier so Moby requested a restraining order. The judge agreed and Lord must now stay 100 yards away from his home, work and car.

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