Mom Accidentally Bought 18-Year-Old Daughter This Extremely Graphic Tshirt

Growing up, it was always embarrassing when mom wanted to take you clothes shopping because everything had to have her approval. This mom however who decided to buy a nice shirt for her daughter thought the shiny gold pattern would look good on 18-year-old Katie. Unfortunately for mom, but fortunately for the internet, she didn’t realize that the shirt depicted the biggest orgy ever.

Sure, the shirt looks innocent enough at first glance but once you take a second to REALLY look at it, you start to notice all of the dicks and boobs not-so-hidden within the shirt’s design.

This must’ve been the best day of that illustrator’s life! There’s so many to choose from, but our favorite image on the shirt might be the dude, holding up a woman on his shoulders “having a snack” while a second woman blows the guy. Wow.

To be honest, now that we’ve looked at it for a minute, this might be the greatest shirt ever. It’s so subtle…but not at all. It’s like having a tshirt of your favorite band only instead of the band’s logo, it’s an obscure lyric that only real fans would know. Obviously these images depicting people banging isn’t obscure at all, but subtle enough to go unnoticed and not make you a TOTAL creep at first glance.

Katie, not too cool for an orgy tshirt.

The mom purchased the shirt at a local Vivienne Westwood store by who also designed the shirt. Unfortuantely, if you’re looking for any early Christmas gifts and this one brought Grandma Betsy to mind, the shirt is currently Sold Out. Bummer, but that actually might be okay once you realize the shirt is $85 bucks! Holy shit, that’s one expensive cartoon orgy. At that price, we’re gonna want you to throw in Jessica Rabbit and Daisy Duck too!

Katie and her mom don’t plan on returning the shirt anytime soon, either because A) The shirt is hysterical and B) They clearly have money to burn.

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