Mom Buys Chocolate Treats For Her Kids, Treats Unfortunately Look Like D*cks

A mom ended up buying a bunch of chocolate dicks for her family, but not because her daughter was getting married and she wanted to throw a naughty bachelorette party. In fact, she didn’t realize they looked like dicks at all but instead was sold on the idea that the chocolate truffles were designed to look like mice.

Do they look like mice? Kinda. Do they look like dicks? TOTALLY.

You might want to get that pink stripe looked at, fellas.

Kellie Louise Bill felt like buying her sons a couple of treats but these treats might be sending her kids the wrong signal because…well…dicks. The innocent gesture turned to hilarity when the mom got home and opened the box which is when she realized the treats didn’t look like mice at all. Once her husband got home, his reaction solidified what her filthy mind was thinking after he agreed that, yep, they are indeed a couple of dicks.

Not to waste money, Kellie gave the treats to her kids and, like most kids, they didn’t give a shit what it looked like and bit right into the little bastards because chocolate is awesome. Of course Kellie had to post the image to Facebook which eventually went viral because we’re only human and see dicks before anything else most of the time. It should be noted though in the case you feel bad that you are seeing dicks too as if you’ve failed some “Do you see dicks psychology test”, last I checked, mice have at least four legs and a tail. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.

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