Mom Gets Kinda Scary With Her Elf On The Shelf Pranks, Son Becomes Terrified

Kids have been pretty chill for a while now in regards to a fat guy wearing a red coat creeping into their house in the middle of the night. I mean, it’s not like he’s doing anything weird–he’s there to give you presents for pete’s sakes! However a mom named Annie is taking the magic of Christmas to a whole new scary level thanks to her Elf on the Shelf. But how?? He’s so cute and innocent! This Elf isn’t so nice since he began terrorizing the entire house while everyone is asleep.

The son of the house, Deano, has been waking up recently to find bizarre surprises with his mom swearing she’s not the one doing it. Deano would then often find the guilty Elf lying there lifeless, usually next to some big mess that they have to clean up with a note attached. Santa wants you to be good but this dumb Elf just made a friggin’ mess!

Here the Elf ate all of Deano’s chocolate from his advent calendar. The note read “You left me by your advent calendar and the chocolate smelt too good! I got sick from eating them all!” This is like a horrific Twilight Zone episode. It’s a matter of time until the elf craves blood instead.

Here’s a note the terrifying Elves left (oh yes, there’s more than one) telling the son in the family to be in bed by a certain time underneath a banner that read “DEANO BEHAVE”.

This is a nightmare.

Oh and the Elves aren’t only eating chocolate and making signs while Deano is asleep safe in his bed. In fact, he’s not safe in his bed at all.

Here the Elves decided to prank Deano by painting his toenails because waking up to discover that Elves gave you lady feet won’t give you lifelong issues at all.

The Elves even decided to draw on Deano’s face with marker. Maybe it’s time Deano throw those Elves in a grill, burn them and send them back to hell where they came from.

Of course Deano’s mom took the terror act a bit further by drawing on her own face, claiming the Elves did it to her too. Luckily the Elves restrained themselves and didn’t scribble “DIE! DIE! DIE!” thankfully.

The mom claims it’s all in good fun and even had the Elf apologize to Deano while holding a ticket to see Pink Floyd live in concert. Of course I’m sure on the way to the concert, the Elf will pop up in the backseat and strangle everyone. I’ve seen Child’s Play. I know how this story goes.

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