Mom Orders Daughter Unicorn Cake, Gets A D*ck Cake Instead

Getting a delicious cake when you were a kid was half the fun of having a birthday. Getting a cake with your favorite theme, one usually decorated with toys, well then that’s even better! However if you’re a big fan of unicorns and the cake maker is trying to pull off a unicorn horn to adorn the top of your cake, well, there’s now some room for error. Damn shame this kid doesn’t like My Little Ponies instead.

Sure, it seems like an easy task. Afterall, it’s been done before and didn’t look too hard to pull off. Just throw something that looks like a golden horn in the middle of a pretty normal looking cake and you’re all done.


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Unfortunately the horn that was selected was a little dull. Not as pointy at, well, the tip. Add the spiral groove and suddenly the tip looks like the tip of a penis and it’s all just downhill from there once you really get a good look at it.

The parents who ordered the cake and picked it up posted the image to Reddit not stating that their cake looked like a big dick, but just that they didn’t exactly get what they wanted after requesting a unicorn cake. It didn’t take long for users to see the penis before asking the parents how and why it came to this. Apparently the horn itself was literally just a loaf of bread made to look gold. That’s mistake number 1. Second, and I’m even just now seeing this myself, apparently the cake is the unicorns head, which is already unfortunate.

Note to self, don’t use a baguette to resemble anything other than a big dick because you will never win that battle of pictionary.

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