Mom Shares Pic Of Her Breastfeeding On Facebook To Protest Store That Banned Her

People seem to be pretty divided when it comes to breastfeeding in public. There’s the “It’s so beautiful” crowd versus the group of people that would simply prefer to not see your baby suckling at your bare teet. It’s okay if you do it of course, but y’know, not in front of us.

However this mom who was kicked out of a store for breastfeeding her baby claims that it’s total bullshit because the store she was in has pictures of boobs all over the damn place. Seeing the irony in the situation, the mom took a photo of her breastfeeding in front of one of the store’s many big boobed photos and posted it to facebook, damning the mall for kicking her out.

When we’re hungry, we like to pretty much eat right then and there too, dammit! She straight up called out Dillard’s for their actions which led to the Facebook post receiving over 2,300 shares.

via Facebook

I feel like if there’s one safe space for a woman to immediately breastfeed in public, a lingerie store with a bunch of other women would be the place to do it but I guess not. The breastfeeding mom signed off her post with “Pissed off Mommy who will never be shopping at Dillards again.” Dillards was quick to put out the fire by responding with a comment to Wittney’s post.

Looks like the two made up. Note to self, if you want a peak at some boobs without tipping, head to the East Ridge, Tennessee Dillards because they just gave public breastfeeding a thumbs up!

Are you okay with women breastfeeding in public?

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