More Like Pennies From HELL: Gun Pulled On Cashier For Declining Penny Payment

Pennies: technically money. The smallest denomination of coin, just as the single is the smallest denomination of bill. If someone owed you $800 dollars, of course you would prefer one five hundred dollar bill (they’re not in print any more, but they’re real) and three one hundred dollar bills, but if someone gave you a brick of 800 singles, you’d begrudgingly accept.

And yet you can’t buy a Tesla S with seven million pennies.

Is this fair? Some people think not, specifically the woman who flipped out on a 7-11 cashier who wouldn’t allow her to pay with a “large amount” of pennies. So she stormed off, got her burner, and came back waving the heat and threatening to kill the cashier for declining her mountain of pennies.

Yes, this happened in Florida.

They managed to catch her later, however, since she got into another gun-threatening altercation with someone else who promptly flagged down the cops. The greatest detail of the police report is that when the cops arrived, this chick’s partner in crime repeatedly screamed out that the cops had no probable cause to search their vehicle since it didn’t smell like weed.

(Spoiler alert: they saw a roach in the car, which they used as probable cause. What’s the lesson to be learned here? Don’t be a career criminal.)


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