More Proof Juggernaut Is the Main Villain in Deadpool 2?

It was revealed over the summer that Jack Kesy was cast as an unnamed villain for Deadpool 2 and leaked photos from the set indicated that the actor was in motion capture gear with an oversized head piece, which led to immediate speculation that it was Juggernaut. Not much has been said about the villain in the sequel since then, but a new report brings forth even more evidence that Juggernaut is the main villain. However, it’s also being reported that Deadpool 2 didn’t treat the character better than X-Men: The Last Stand. There are potential SPOILERS for Deadpool 2 ahead, so read at your own risk.

Reports emerged last weekend about the negative reactions to the test screenings of Deadpool 2. The person responsible for the leak of information was ordered by Fox to take down his posts, which he subsequently did. Now, former IGN editor Jeremy Conrad is back, reporting about the movie on his blog without mentioning the name of the movie. It’s clear as day what movie he’s talking about and he goes on to double down on the negative test screenings report while dishing on the main villain of Deadpool 2.

We will avoid any of the reported spoilers having to do with specific plot points and instead focus on what Jeremy Conrad had to say about Juggernaut’s inclusion in Deadpool 2. It should also be considered that these comments are coming from Conrad’s anonymous source and they come from a negative place. He does not mention the character by name, but he does mention that he’s a fan-favorite and famous meme, which leads all fingers to point to Juggernaut. He had this to say.

“Fans of comic books will also be upset at how a long-time fan-favorite (and internet meme) villain is once again treated on the big screen. Oh this time he looks a little closer to his comic book look (thanks to CG), but they make him disposable with a really stupid death.”

The negative attention around Deadpool 2 has been disputed by others with anonymous sources. The people who claim that movie has actually tested well claim that the recent reshoots for the highly anticipated sequel were in response to a test screening held in January. According to the results from viewers, they all wanted to see more of Josh Brolin’s Cable as well as Zazie Beetz’s Domino, so the reshoots were put together to add more of them. Reshoots are commonplace in Hollywood and should not be seen as a cause for alarm.

The new evidence, paired with the set pictures from over the summer practically confirm that Juggernaut is the main villain in Deadpool 2. Again, this information is ultimately sourced from an anonymous source, but it does fit in well with the previous intel. As for the negative test screenings, that all has to do with one person’s opinion filtered through another opinion. You can check out the rest of the SPOILER-filled report via Manabyte.

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