Move Over Kim Kardashian, This Jennifer Lopez Selfie Is Hitting All Cylinders

Kim Kardashian who? Sure, there are millions of ladies posting salacious pics of themselves on the internet but the world stops everytime the leader of the Kardashian pack even thinks about posting a nude, or even partially nude selfie. Well finally Kim is getting some much needed competition and not in the form of some spring chicken either. Jennifer Lopez is RE-catching everyone’s eye to prove that she is in fact the queen of the big butts with her recent Instagram post.


All in all, we just really wanted a reason to share her sexy as all hell picture with you guys. It never hurts to take a break and give appreciation to the ladies who want to feel appreciated, ya dig?

Also this is a classy hot selfie. Kim Kardashian’s are always one frame shy of her just showing off her butthole.


She posted the picture on the heels of an interview with US Weekly where she wanted to confirm that it’s more important to love who you are than to satisfy those around you. At the beginning of her career, she stated that a lot of people wanted her to get skinnier but she disagreed. “They kept telling me to lose weight. No I don’t. If I lose any more weight it won’t be me.’ You know what I mean?” We do know what you mean and we thank you for sticking to your buns…we mean guns!

Pretty sure we’ve never stared at a picture of a 47-year-old woman for this long in our lives. Forty three minutes and counting.

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