Muhammad Ali Jr. Stopped Once Again at Airport, Claims Religious Profiling

3/11/2017 7:11 AM PST

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Muhammad Ali‘s son was stopped and questioned again at another airport … and his lawyer says  the TSA is lying by trying to minimize the incident.

Muhammad Ali, Jr. was at Reagan National Airport Friday when he tried checking in for a flight at an airline counter.  Ali’s lawyer says a computer check flagged Ali and someone who needed to ante up more info about him.  The lawyer says the agent wouldn’t accept Ali’s Illinois ID, and then put the boxer’s son on the phone with Homeland Security.

The lawyer says the call lasted 20 minutes.  Once Ali handed over his passport to confirm his identity, the lawyer says Homeland security cleared him.

TSA says the delay was not 20 minutes — only 11, adding Ali was never “detained.”

Ali was held a month ago for several hours by immigration at a Florida airport … he and his lawyer say it’s clear it’s because Ali is a Muslim.   

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