Must See 2017 Summer Comedy Movies

At time when we are at war in Syria and our relationship with world leaders could best be described as “iffy,” it seems patently obvious that we all need a good laugh. And what better way to do this than with all the 2017 comedy movies coming out this Summer? The theaters are going to be littered with laughs for people young and old, and this might be exactly what is needed.

Making the 2017 Summer comedies stand out is the eclectic nature of the releases. There’s tales of Cars trying to show their worth, a Rough Night that would test even Wonder Woman, and a film about the life of an emoji. This doesn’t even look at the cutting satire of comedies like War Machine, the screwball tinged The House, and the raw and visceral laughs in a movie like Girls Trip or Rough Night.

What makes a movie really funny? Why does it seem like comedies are those movies that we keep going back to again and again? The answer may be in the fact that ultimately, as moviegoers, we just want to escape. More to the point, sometimes it’s just easier to put on a movie and not have to think about anything.

However, comedies, at their best, go deeper than that. They take us places that other films do not. Horror films appeal to our sense of fear and the forbidden. Action films charge us up to experience cinema in a heightened way that most of us will never experience in real life. Comedies are those rare things that allow us to laugh and enjoy OURSELVES. They are accessible in a way that a lot of other moves simply aren’t.

So cast aside your worries and anxieties for a few minutes and enjoy this 2017 summer comedy list we compiled with a little help from our friends over at The Numbers. Some of these films might be up your ally. Others might not be. However, like all cinema, comedy is relative and these are all the summer comedies you’ve got to see!

Folk Hero & Funny Guy (May 12)

Folk Hero and Funny Guy

With a title like that this movie has to be on your comedy must list, right? Starring Alex Karpovsky (Girls) and Wyatt Russell (Everybody Wants Some), this film follows a successful singer-songwriter who hatches a plan to help his friend’s struggling comedy career and broken love life by hiring him as his opening act on his solo tour. As you can guess, hilarity ensues with this mismatched team. While not one of the bigger summer comedies, Folk Hero & Funny Guy is the kind of film that probably won’t make too much of a splash in theaters (though it could!). Rather it will see itself flourish in the realm of home entertainment. So, see this 2017 comedy so that you can say you saw it in the theater before everybody else saw it later!

Snatched (May 12)


It’s pretty cool that comedy Queen Amy Schumer is teaming up with a comedy Queen from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s Goldie Hawn. And while this film seems like a pretty standard comedy, one gets the sense that Schumer won’t be able to not add her special brand of comedy to the mix. The story sees Schumer getting dumped by her boyfriend before heading on a dream vacation. Rather than go alone, she pulls her mother into the fun, they end up in the jungle, and suddenly this is a chick-flick with an edge. The 2017 summer comedies are a nice blend of the sublime and the farcical. Snatched is one of those films that will appeal to multiple demos and should have a lengthy run this summer season.

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