NASA Has A Code Word For “UFO” And This Might Be It!

The International Space Station has a live video feed that recently has been keeping UFO hunters on their toes. Broadcast from the ISS the video feed includes a continuous image of the Earth from above while viewers can listen in on astronauts communicating with ground control…. and perhaps some otherworldly visitors. Just last week a video stream from the ISS was cut short as an unidentified object floated into frame, causing many to speculate that the space agency was censoring proof of UFOs visiting earth.

Looks like proof to me.

Now, the UFO conspiracy buffs over at Secure Team 10 have taken a snippet of a recent ISS video stream and deduced that right when a multicolored object enters the frame, an astronaut is speaking “in code” to covertly communicate that there is a UFO present.

Aliens or a lost rainbow?

If there are in fact UFOs visiting earth on a regular basis that NASA doesn’t want the unwashed masses to know about, it makes total sense that they would need a secret code word, instead of just screaming: “Cut the feed! The alien is back!”

As a rainbow colored object floats by the ISS, the astronaut nervously talks about the “gospel”  – an odd exchange for an astronaut. “We look forward to our continuing partnership, on a personal level, partnership with the gospel.”

Behold the video evidence:

Could this astronaut be telling those back on earth that he is about to meet with aliens in regard to their partnership? Some sort of interspecies alliance that the world does not yet know about?  Because if there is one way that the government could keep the public in the dark about the presence of intelligent extraterrestrials orbiting Earth, it is with a live video stream showing us exactly what is going on up there. OR maybe that is just what the government wants us to think! Which brings us to our Break Poll!

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