NASA Twitter Account Hacked: Reveals Gorgeous New “Moon”

If you are a fan of the science like I am, these days there are tons of amazing social media accounts to follow from NASA and astronauts like American hero Scott Kelly sharing vivid pictures of Earth from space, the planets and other celestial objects. The Mars Rover even Tweets speaking “as itself” when it posts lonely pics from the Red Planet:

However, the Twitter account for NASA’s Kepler Telescope @NASAKepler shared one celestial orb that was a little off mission in the form of a lacey, red panty clad lady butt. Houston, we have a problem. In our pants.

This is not the planet you are looking for.

The Kepler telescope has been orbiting the Earth with the mission of detecting extrasolar planets, planets that are outside of our solar system. So far the Kepler team has confirmed 1,284 planets orbiting other stars. While that is mind boggling to think about, it is also a lot of hard work. So no surprise if Kepler wanted to blow off some steam and check out some booty.

The profile picture was also changed to a sultry young lady who I am guessing just stopped by to get tutored by her science professor. She can’t afford to pay him for the lesson so she is going to let him study her heavenly body.

While some folks hoped that tax payer money would be used for more of this kind of exploration, other NASA fans on Twitter were quick to launch some sarcastic payloads in response.

OK, so the account was just hacked by a camgirl bot.


While a dumb incident, you have to step back and admire the science fiction nature of the whole thing. A malevolent computer program hacked the account of a spacecraft searching for thousands of planets in the galaxy. Maybe all this time the aliens on those planets have been trying to contact us, but the system is too jammed with porn. That is so humans.

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