NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Smoke Weed In Bed?

This seems like one of those too good to be true stories that’s obviously not true. On the other hand, it’s actually not too good when you think about it too long, and it’s not quite 100% true.  NASA, the one you’re thinking of with the astronauts and whatnot, conducts a bedrest study where participants are essentially paid to do nothing. But smoking weed? Why?

The real study is separated into two groups.  One group will be allowed to do exercise, the other will not.  The group that doesn’t do any exercise after an initial period of activity, spends 70 days lying in bed, head down, only doing the sorts of things you can do in bed in that position…by yourself.  With people monitoring you.  So reading books, Skyping, playing games, that sort of thing.  For 70 days straight. 

Think you can at least get up to pee?  No,  you won’t. You pee in that position.  You do everything in that position.  Someone will bring you a bed pan. 70 days of it.

During your 70 days, you will be heavily monitored.  The scientists around you will test your bone, muscle and heart health.  They’ll monitor your circulatory system, your nervous system, your ability to fight infection and nutrition.

A Google search will show this kind of story popping up every year for quite a while, which maybe means NASA conducts these tests semi-regularly.  Why bother?  It’s to simulate extended stays in deep space in zero gravity and see how that affects your physiology and psychology.

But why are they including weed in some studies? Actually, they’re not. That’s a new inclusion coming from a few pot blogs recently that have begun trending online, from the looks of things.  Some writer probably read this article from Vice about a journalist in 2014 who actually did one of these studies, which he may have read about back in 2013.

Near as we can tell the study is done for now, and there never was any weed involved, but good news!  If you want to stay in bed for 2 months and smoke weed, there’s probably no one standing in your way from doing that on your own time.  You’ll have to make due without the $18,000 but it’s not like you’re losing money, you never had that to begin with, right?

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