Naya Rivera Got Arrested For Domestic Battery (Beating Up Her Husband)

Naya Rivera


Being a former Glee star is like being haunted by an evil spirit, so in keeping with that tradition, former Glee star and failed attempt at a Kim Kardashian, Naya Rivera, got arrested in West Virginia last night for domestic battery after she attacked her husband in front of their kid. WSAZ reports:

Rivera was arrested at a home in the Chesapeake area of Kanawha County Saturday night around 9:30 p.m. According to the criminal complaint, deputies were called to the home for a domestic situation. Deputies say when they arrived, they talked with Ryan Dorsey. He says his wife, Naya, had struck him in the head and the bottom lip while the two were taking their child for a walk down the street. Ryan gave deputies cell phone video that allegedly shows him being struck by Naya. She was taken into custody Saturday night and was arraigned after 12 a.m. Sunday.



Well, she sounds crazy. She’s doing that jaw clenching thing in that video that women do when they’re trying to contain the crazy from opening like a black hole to hell where everything gets sucks in and becomes nothingness. Rivera married this dude after Big Sean broke up with her. Big Sean posted this a few hours after she got arrested. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


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