Need A Spare Foot? 13 Have Washed Up On This Beach

When you think of Western Canada you may think of heavy forests, the Rocky Mountains and the hipster mecca of Vancouver, British Colombia.  Time to add feet to your list.

The lucky 13th foot in 10 years has just washed up on Vancouver Island. It was wearing a black sock and a shoe.  Investigation into the foot has suggested the victim lost it between 2013 and 2015 since the shoe wasn’t for sale until March 2013.

Reports from as early as 1914 indicate booted legs have been washing up along this shoreline.  Of the dozen in recent years, two were left feet .  Five feet coming from four different people ended up being positively identified.  All were thought to be suicides.  The feet just naturally detach in the water after a while.

The origin of the feet is extremely mysterious simply because only feet show up on the shore and no other parts.  Explanations have ranged from plane and boat crash victims to murder victims and more but nothing definitive can be settled on.  Often the feet are so badly decayed they can’t be identified as male or female, and show signs of having been moved about by animals.  There are no tool marks indicating foul play, but that doesn’t rule out foul play either. Naturally some people suspect a government conspiracy.

It’s worth noting this is a stretch of beach that’s 290 miles long.  If 12 feet were found, how many have washed back out to sea or been eaten by animals in that time before anyone saw them?

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