New Halloween Movie Merch Reveals a Michael Myers Kill

If you plan on seeing Blumhouse/Universal’s Halloween reboot when it hits theaters this October and what to know as little about is as possible, be warned: This article takes a potential step into Spoiler Territory! The last 2 weeks have been Nirvana for horror fans who hit the summer convention circuit, with Southern California hosting both San Diego Comic-Con last and Midsummer Scream in Long Beach. Those who have attended both events (or who’ve been following them closely on social media) have deduced a potentially shocking reveal from David Gordon Green’s upcoming Halloween sequel. All indications are that Michal Myers aka “The Shape” will cave up a decapitated human head like a jack-o-lantern!

Josh Millican, a contributor at Scream Magazine (hey that’s me!) did a triple take when viewing NECA Toy’s display of their upcoming Michael Myers action figure at San Diego Comic-Con. It wasn’t the detailed sculpting or overall aesthetic that caught my attention, it was one of the accessories. The Shape comes with a headstone for Judith Myers (this sister he killed at age-6 in John Carpenter’s original Halloween, released in 1978), a pumpkin, and-hello, who might you be? I’m talking about a little plastic severed-head!

This weekend at Midsummer Scream, Trick or Treat Studios, purveyors of high quality latex masks featuring officially-licensed products from some of the genre’s most popular properties, proudly shared a life-size version of the head-o-lantern, all but confirming this relates to a particularly brutal sequence and in the upcoming film; have a look at an Instagram post from The Kids of Elm Street:

At this point, you might be wondering if Michael Myers’ carved-up victim is still just a theory, or if it can officially be considered a spoiler? I went into Internet sleuth when I first saw NECA’s Comic-Con display, taking to Twitter to see if any other Halloween fans were on the case of Mr. Jack o Face, and was directed to a series of screenshots posted at Upcoming Horror Movies (a database considered nearly infallible by industry insiders). Remember, proceeding further will likely spoil an otherwise arresting reveal (but let’s be honest, if you made it this far, you’re going to look!).

Pumpkin Head kill <strong><em>Halloween</em></strong> 2018

Michael Myers Neca Action Figure

If you’ve already watched the trailer for Halloween a few dozen times like I have (completely normal, right?) you can probably deduce who both of these unfortunate fellows are. The headphones around the intact victim’s neck make it clear he’s part of the documentary crew mentioned in the film’s synopsis, and if I were a betting man, I’d say the human pumpkin is the documentarian who taunted Michael with his iconic mask in the trailer’s opening sequence. If you have a theory that holds more weight, we’d love to hear it! Halloween hits US Theaters on October 19th, just in time to coincide with the original’s 40th Anniversary; Carpenter has returned as an executive producer and is scoring the movie.

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